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Honda UMK425UE Brushcutter

Honda UMK425UE Brushcutter

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A Versatile Brushcutter for reaching the hard to reach.

Designed for heavy-duty work, these robust Brushcutters can do any job expected of them. There are no areas that stubborn undergrowth can hide.

The Honda UMK425UE model feature the ultra-efficient and quiet Honda GX25 engine, with a robust yet lightweight design to tackle undergrowth and rough grass where a lawnmower can't.

The Honda UMK425UE features a adjustable bike-type handle giving you greater control, flexibility and storage, the brushcutter also comes with a double shoulder comfort harness, protective google, 3 tooth blade and nylon spool.

Our latest range of handheld garden products are built around a technically advanced mini 4 Stoke Honda engine, perfectly suited to the demands of handheld product use:

Lightweight - One of the worlds lightest 4 stoke engines at 2.78kg.

Versatile - Unique lubrication system allows the product to be used or stored through a full 360o incline.

Powerful - The best power/weight ratio :0.26kW/kg.

Ecological - Meets EN2006 emissions standards.