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Honda EG3600 Generator

Honda EG3600 Generator

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This generator is perfect for sensitive jobs that will take far longer than your average frame generator will stand up to. The Honda EG3600CL will deliver 3600W of clean mains quality electricity to run and recharge your kit. It's ideal for use on general construction projects - with an extremely sturdy frame and top of the range components, the Honda EG3600CL certainly withstands the stress of regular transport and the construction site environment. This generator is specifically designed to cope with the electrical pressure applied by very sensitive and heavy resistance power tools. 

Powered by the ultra reliable Honda GX270T2 4-stroke petrol engine which uses a recoil starter mechanism is light and smooth and starts easily every time. With 45 degree inclined rubber engine mounts, vibration is dampened to an industry leading standard, making this generator far more comfortable to use. The Honda 4-stroke engine is remarkably fuel efficient and reliable, which means fewer fill-ups and reduced maintenance costs. Also the Oil-Alert Technology will automatically switch off the ignition if the oil drops below a safe level.

Supplying a maximum power of 3600W and a rated power of 3200W clean and smooth power, essential for computers or other sensitive electronic equipment.

  • Class leading fuel efficiency delivers over 9 hours of run time.
  • Quiet operation from semi-enclosed casing.
  • Easy to use controls allowing quick and simple starting and running.
  • Rubberised feet to minimise vibration and movement, maximising frame and engine life.
  • Digital D-AVR ensures a smooth and stable voltage output similar to an inverter generator, ideal for powering sensitive electronics and tools with flicker-free lighting


 The Honda EG3600CL comes with a 5 year domestic warranty (subject to annual service) and a 1 year commercial warranty.

What are the Main Features of the Honda EG3600CL?

  • Digital automatic voltage regulator - Has the ability to detect and react immediately to fluctuations in output voltage, providing more consistent electricity that is less dependent on load.
  • Oil alert - This prevents engine damage by automatically shutting the unit down if the oil drops below a safe operating level; improving engine protection and keeping you safe also.
  • Switchable voltage - Choose between 110v for running power tools, or 240v for running standard appliances.
  • Amazing run time - Provides excellent fuel efficiency with up to 12 hours of run time at rated load on a single tank of fuel.
  • Enhanced anti-vibration system - Rubber engine mounts inclined at 45° enable lower vibration levels and quiet operation.
  • Robust construction - The high-quality, welded and powder-coated tubular steel frame has been designed to withstand tough worksite conditions, whilst remaining lightweight and easy to lift.
  • Superb reliability - Amazing durability from the OHV series 4-stroke engine, which offers easy starting every time.


  • Sockets: 1x 16A 230V / 1x 16A 115V / 1x 32A 115V
  • Maximum output: 3600w
  • Rated output: 3200w
  • Rated voltage: 240v/110v
  • Rated frequency: 50Hz
  • Rated current: 12.9A
  • Engine: GX270T2
    Type: 4-stroke OVH 1 cylinder
    Displacement: 270cm3
    Bore x stroke: 77 x 58 mm
    Speed: 3000 rpm
  • Cooling: Forced air
  • Oil capacity: 1.1L with Oil Alert®
  • Run time at rated: 12hrs
  • Fuel capacity: 24L
  • Fuel type: Unleaded petrol
  • Starter system: Recoil
  • Length: 681mm, Width: 530mm, Height: 571mm
  • Dry weight: 68kg
  • Sound pressure (1m): 79 dB(A)
    Guaranteed sound power level (1m): 96 dB(A)