Efco MT4110 Chainsaw + Accessories
Efco MT4110 Chainsaw + Accessories

Efco MT4110 Chainsaw + Accessories

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This advanced petrol chainsaw offers the discerning home-user the perfect combination of high performance, low-fatigue operation and environmental friendliness.

It employs advanced engine-technology to achieve a huge reduction of 75% in noxious emissions, including unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides - substances which are harmful to both health and the wider environment.

The improved engine-technology on the Efco MT4110-325 Petrol Chainsaw has led to benefits in other areas too. Importantly, at a time of high petrol prices, fuel consumption is up to 40% less on this model when compared to saws with older designs. Furthermore, the reduction in carbon-deposits result in reduced maintenance-costs, with the intervals between servicing-work on the engine being longer.

Operator-comfort has been placed to the fore with this model. The Efco MT4110-325 Petrol Chainsaw has a user-friendly starting-system that ensures a smooth pick-up of the engine with no kickback; and which limits the number of pulls required from cold.

The anti-vibration system employed by this saw fully isolates the engine from the handles, in turn guaranteeing maximum comfort and easy handling. There is also lateral chain-tensioning device, which simplifies any adjustments that need to be made, while avoiding any contact with the chain.

The high performance-levels of this chainsaw will immediately become apparent to anyone who has have ever used a lower-cost economy saw. By producing a linear torque-speed response and having a low-consumption engine, the Efco MT4110-325 Chainsaw will saw through wood quickly and with maximum efficiency.

Other step-up features on this model include an oil-pump that can be adjusted manually, as well as working automatically. This allows you to fine-tune the oil flow to perfectly match working-conditions; and to achieve even better levels of performance.