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Echo SRM420TESU Brushcutter

Echo SRM420TESU Brushcutter

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Features a commercial grade 41.5cc two-stroke engine bolstered by innovative High Torque technology, resulting in a brushcutter capable of matching much higher capacity machines. Ergonomically designed with a Super Anti-Vibration system.

Over the last few decades, ECHO has developed a strong reputation for creating high quality, commercial grade brushcutters, most recently with the outstanding High Torque series, the machines from which combine the power of heavy-duty brushcutters with the convenience, lightness and fuel efficiency of a two-stroke engine. Quite possibly ECHO’s most effective brushcutter, the SRM-420TESU features an already high-spec commercial grade engine bolstered by ECHO’s ground-breaking High Torque technology, resulting in a brushcutter capable of matching and even bettering much higher capacity machines.

It’s worth dwelling on a few of the impressive technological aspects of this excellent brushcutter in a little more detail. The High Torque system, for example, works by using a gear reduction ratio of 1:2.07 to increase cutting power by up to 50% compared to previous models. This increased torque allows the SRM-420TESU to excel at even the toughest cutting jobs without needing a heavier, noisier engine. ECHO’s equally pioneering Power Boost Tornado technology™, meanwhile, further reduces noise, vibration and emission levels while also optimising combustion for greater fuel efficiency. Together, these technological innovations help get the very most from the SRM-420TESU’s powerful 41.5cc two-stroke petrol engine.

Supplied as standard with both an efficient ‘Tap & Go’ trimmer head and a sturdy metal grass blade, the SRM-420TESU is also impressively versatile. Most useful for lighter trimming work, ranging from neatening edges and borders to mowing long grass on verges and other areas of lawn inaccessible to a conventional lawnmower, the dual nylon line trimmer head is also tough enough to cut rougher patches of nettles, weeds and undergrowth. The semi-automatic ‘Tap & Go’ line feed system is useful in this regard, as the ability to advance the cutting line quickly and effortlessly significantly improves working efficiency. However, for the very toughest jobs, such as clearing dense thickets of scrub and brush, you will definitely appreciate the extra cutting power of the three-tooth grass blade.

Both cutting modes benefit from the inclusion of a sturdy debris shield, which deflects grass clippings, stones and other detritus as you work to ensure your safety and comfort. Further convenient features include a spring-assisted Easy Start system, which reduces starter cord resistance for quick and hassle-free starting, and a Super Anti-Vibration system and comfortable U-style handlebar, both of which lessen user fatigue over extended periods of operation. Reassuringly enough, the SRM-420TESU has also been built to last, with only the very best components used in its manufacture. This includes a tough magnesium crankcase, a chrome-plated engine cylinder and a heavy-duty air filter, all of which work to increase durability and ensure a long service life, while a full two year commercial warranty means that you can take on even the most challenging landscape maintenance jobs with complete peace of mind.